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Madrid, February 21, 2024. Topazium, a company specializing in the application of artificial intelligence in the field of biomedicine, has been awarded the 2023 Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technologies Award by the Madrid City Council for HealthGuard™, a machine learning framework designed and developed by the company that utilizes the most advanced AI technologies to promote healthy nutritional habits in a simple and engaging manner. In total, 134 applications were submitted, of which 20% belonged to the Predictive and Control Mechanisms for Chronic Diseases category, the category in which Topazium was awarded.

Currently, there is no clear idea of how to utilize the data provided by smartwatches and other similar wearables to achieve a direct positive effect on health. HealthGuard™ is specifically aimed at addressing this unmet need through a 3-stage process: i) it analyzes the data provided by the device; ii) it understands the physiological significance of this data to detect early signs of deviation from healthy ranges; and iii) it provides nutritional interventions (e.g., foods, supplements, ingredients) that can correct such deviations. Moreover, HealthGuard™ continuously evaluates this data and makes suggestions to the user based on their own parameters. This ensures accurate real-time guidance, in a simple and easily applicable manner, leading to greater adherence to healthy nutritional habits that impact health protection.

For Carlos Garmarini, CEO and founder of Topazium, this award represents “an important boost to continue working on technologies for the promotion of people’s health.” “We appreciate this recognition from the Madrid City Council as Topazium is still a company in the midst of growth, and this award allows us to showcase our developments, always based on solid reasoning and scientific evidence.”

The purpose of this support program promoted by the Madrid City Council is to recognize and give visibility to startups and professionals that have excelled in proposing technological solutions based on the use of artificial intelligence and other disruptive technologies. This will strengthen the sector of technological innovation in Madrid, making the most valuable entrepreneurs visible to the entire economic sector of the city.

According to data available on the National Statistics Institute’s website, there are more than half a million people in the Community of Madrid over 6 years old affected by chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, or cancer. There is a consensus in the scientific community indicating that the prevention and treatment of these diseases cannot be exclusively pharmacological but must include lifestyle changes, particularly those related to nutrition: there is a growing number of studies that demonstrate that the type of food consumed decisively affects the onset and progression of chronic diseases. From this, it can be deduced the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, with proper nutrition, not only for treatment but also, and especially, for the prevention of these types of diseases.


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