TOPAZIUM is committed to support medical research with artificial intelligence (AI) based state-of-the-art analytical tools. We have developed a comprehensive AI engine that utilizes multiple medical data types to assist in the identification of new disease patterns and the most promising therapeutic approaches in order to attain one of the most challenging global goals: “Health for all”.

We truly believe that this new form of collective intelligence, emerged from the combination of human scientists’ skills and computers’ capabilities, can deliver an enormous data throughput that could help find answers for medical problems that are impossible to solve with “human-only” research.

The “human scientists/AI” partnership exhibits an exponentially growing synergy, which could suppress the hurdles of the current medical R&D model. This opens the door to a new R&D paradigm, with the subsequent advancement on human health research.

Topazium has created an integrated platform able to analyze chemical, genetic, epigenetic, imaging and clinical data generated by the whole spectrum of stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem and across different research institutions. This way, TOPAZIUM aims to assist researchers and physicians to overcome the shortcomings of the current medical research model into another with the following characteristics:


· An exponential R&D approach
· Processing of pooled data from multiple sources
· Based on a wealth of information and shared assets
· Lower research costs
· A global and continuous learning process
· A groundbreaking approach

TOPAZIUM’s platform is intended to support the changes needed in the medical research paradigm. Adding a global approach to the medical research flow while incorporating the appropriate AI tools will ultimately result in better disease prevention and earlier diagnosis, as well as improved, cost-effective drug development.

Insights and decisions will be data-driven and will be combined with the work of healthcare professionals, which will improve patient care standards through a truly personalized and holistic approach. In summary, this colossal common effort based on a new collective intelligence platform will exponentially improve the quality of medical research, resulting in a radical shift from the current healthcare model.