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The leading argentine health insurance company with almost 50 years of experience in which they managed to maintain their commitment to medical quality, medical research, constant training, and permanent innovation.

Sanatorio Otamendi Miroli
(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Since 1928, the Sanatorio Otamendi Miroli has cemented its trajectory in medical and scientific excellence. Today, with extensive investments in hospitalization infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology, it combines outstanding medical quality, maximum technical-scientific level and comfort to be one of the most prestigious institutions in Argentina.

20/15 Visioneers

Private company founded around deep science and technology consulting. Our breadth and experience in scientific informatics, scientific software, and advanced technologies have spanned over 30 years.

(Madrid, Spain)

A private company founded with the aim to contribute to personal well-being through the use of new functional assets (actives) of botanical components. Innovation, research and development are the fundamental pillars of our company.

Sanatorio Las Lomas
(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Since its opening in 1994, Sanatorio Las Lomas has become a medical reference institution in Argentina, providing scheduled ambulatory and emergency medical care as well as hospitalization on more than 60 specialties.

Fundación Telmed
(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Is a medical collaboration platform working with radiologists and doctors, to provide free tele-radiology services to hospitals and healthcare centers.

Deep Bio Insights
(Oviedo, Spain)

Effective Diseases Screening, Drug Design and Precision Medicine through AI Genomics.